PL08MODOX0001Leipzig, a city to discover.
A visit to Porsche Leipzig is the ideal way to combine business with pleasure. You can ride in a Porsche on the test track or co-pilot next to a professional instructor. The test track has been approved for professional use and is FIA compliant. The track also has an ‘F1’ certificate, which means that Formula 1 teams test their cars here: a spectacular sight.

Many corners on this track are based on some of the world’s most legendary curves and corners. The interactive control panel, you can view the exact course of your rounds.


280px-CTB-CTW_Port_of_Hamburg-WaltershofOr why not Hamburg combined with Sylt, (Kampen is Sylt’s elegant address – and with good reason) Small but refined, exclusive and open-minded, elegant and rural: Kampen is a village of exciting contrasts. Endless sandy beaches and broad heaths, a red cliff and rough-edged characters, sparkling champagne and quick-witted Frisians – discover the quite special charm of Germany’s most famous village, a great combination to do with Hamburg.

Experience the unrivalled charm and the many opportunities that make Sylt a unique venue. Let us know what you have in mind – Uebervent creates an individual experience. A works outing with 150 colleagues? An open-air motivational training? A seminar with difficult issues?

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