Fez, the city that has for the past ten centuries stood at the heart of Moroccan history as both an imperial capital and an intellectual as well as spiritual centre.

Unique in the Arab world, Fez boasts as many monuments as Morocco’s other imperial capitals put together, while the latticework of souks, extending for over a mile, maintain the whole tradition of urban crafts.

Fatima Hassoune, from Morocco Unlimited provided us with a list of the best things to do in Fez. Check it out!


Things do to in Fes

  • Get lost in the Medina  and visit the monuments. Discover the mystery and charm of this ancient Royal city including the world-famous Tannery, the Quaraouin mosque & religious university, Mederssa Abouanania, seffarine square, Bab Boujloud gate, the souk ….
  • Cooking workshop. Several Riads offer cooking class in Fes. Typically, a half-day cooking workshop will offer you the chance to purchase fresh ingredients from the market, and then make a traditional tagine and a couscous dish. It’s a lovely way to immerse yourself in Morocco’s culture.
  • Try the Hammam. The hammam is a public steam bath in Morocco. Hammams used to be the only place people could come to bathe and scrub, since a private bathroom in a house or apartment was a luxury few could afford.

Special event to attend

The Fes festival of World Sacred Music is 10-day celebration held in mid-summer (late May or early June) that takes place in the imperial city of Fes. It’s a unique experience that combines high art, popular entertainment, spiritual energy and intellectual challenges. It resonates with the essence of our times and is rooted in The Spirit of Fes. This festival is unique because it has roots in spiritual values and encourages the audience to become active participants.

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Fez Scenery