6a0105362716cd970c016306bcc354970d-550wiThis year, Florence celebrates the 150th anniversary of the start of its tenure as the capital of Italy. This is, then, the ideal occasion for Salvatore Ferragamo to stage an exhibition and produce a catalogue on Palazzo Spini Feroni, which played host to the City Council and was, therefore, the place where those important decisions were taken that endowed the city with its current layout.

In the twentieth century, when Salvatore Ferragamo purchased the building, the palazzo was given a new lease of life, accommodating craft workshops and high-fashion ateliers, along with famous art galleries showcasing artworks ancient and modern.

The exhibition encompass a number of prestigious artworks, endeavour to recount this complex history, benefitting from the input of specialists and of renowned set designer Maurizio Balò. The building, framed by the beauty of Florence, offers a snapshot of Italian culture and is today the global symbol of the Ferragamo fashion house, which is based there; this demonstrates that the talent of the Italians lives on thanks to the places where it is nurtured and works, providing proof positive that beauty generates beauty.

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