The Greek islands symbolize all that island escapes should be: craggy vistas, turquoise waters, azure skies, endless horizons. Yet, beyond the iconic images, each island holds an individual charm all of its own.

Let’s start with Santorini: all sleepy laidback island on the outside, all smouldering caldera on the inside. Actually five islands act around an active volcano deep in the blue waters, this Greek island has elicited many a legend; indeed Cousteau looked for the lost city of Atlantis here.

It also sets the scene for beaches wit white, red or black sand, spectacular rock formations and extraordinary lunar landscapes. Its seaside villages seem to defy gravity, ‘tumbling’ down the volcano’s caldera, their elevated status ensuring eagle-eye views of the Aegan Sea  – an unforgettable backdrop to endless gastronomic offerings (its volcanic soils upports everything from egg plants to goats – think delicious cheeses ) to fabulous wineries.

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Source: Condé Nast Travellers